About Us

The idea for Envelopments was born from experience, need, want, a design challenge and plain old ignorance.

This story started years before incorporating in 1995. Sisters Deborah and Holly worked in the stationery industry before finally opening their own store in 1985. They carried greeting cards, beautiful envelopes and fine papers. In 1991 they pioneered putting a design studio in a retail space with their Custom Card Bar.

As designers working directly with brides, businesses and all sorts of customers to create custom invitations and announcements the questions became clearer.

The mission was set to create a designer’s dream come true… the resource for colorful papers and card stocks converted into unique diverse shapes in a variety of sizes. Make them available in small quantities on short order, and create the proper design and sales tools.

Then by popular demand we were asked to print on all of those stocks in various digital and traditional press processes.

Really who we are, is a reflection of who you are.

We’re on your team to get this done the way you imagined.

-- Envelopments Paper & Print

My Mother’s Papers By Deborah Hefter

Recently, my 12 year old daughter mentioned to me how she loved the sound of the paper in her class notebook. Not the new crisp and pristine sheets, but the ones filled with her notes, class assignments, scribbles, and names of boys she thinks are cute. Read more...